Terima Kasih.

Thank You.

The World Energy Cities Partnership Annual General Meeting 2018 was the first time Kuala Lumpur city has played host to this international event and I am pleased to say that it was a resounding success. I was told that this year’s event was one of the highest participated AGMs of the WECP and that the international delegates had a good experience of Kuala Lumpur during their visit here.

The feedback that we got from the local and international delegates was very encouraging for us as first-time hosts of this annual event. I’m glad to know that the programme proved to be beneficial to all delegates as it explored a wide variety of topics related to the theme “Powering Collaboration for a Sustainable Future”. Indeed our collaboration with the IGEM and the Malaysian Petroleum Club offered delegates some interesting and engaging sessions while taking them to a variety of interesting and iconic locations, such as the Petronas Twin Towers.

I hope that the delegates took from their attendance at WECP AGM 2018 ample knowledge, networking opportunities and an overall memorable experience of visiting Kuala Lumpur. The organizing team has strived to make the conference part of the event as beneficial as possible while also giving each of the delegates a cultural and gastronomical experience that is unique to Kuala Lumpur. I also hope that the delegates had the opportunity to do some shopping in our city and found something unique to remember your trip.

It has truly been an honour to host the international delegates and I look forward to you visiting us again, as I’m sure there is much more in this city of contrasts and diversity that is just waiting for you to experience.

Yours truly,

Dato’ Nor Hisham Bin Ahmad Dahlan

Mayor of Kuala Lumpur


The theme for this WECP 2018 Annual General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur will be “Powering Collaboration for a Sustainable Future”. The programme will have a strong emphasis on the importance of meeting the growing demands for energy through more sustainable means.

The International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia (IGEM 2018) will be a break from the traditional oil & gas-centric anchor events of past WECP AGMs. This demonstrates our commitment in ensuring that sustainable practices are promoted and further enhanced. While the important role of non-renewable energy is still recognized, it is equally important to encourage strategic collaborations between non-renewable and renewable energy sources.